141 – "Simple Twist of Fate"Listen now (95 min) | Daniel and Kelly are listening to Dylan one random song at a time. This episode features stabbing pains and twists of fate…
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133 – "Emotionally Yours"Listen now (71 min) | "Bullshit and sludge. There’s nothing alert, sparky or culturally allusive here, no deft particularity—no particularity at all."
The Band, Night 1 – 'Music From Big Pink' And Post-78Listen now (73 min) | "This album was recorded in approximately two weeks. There are people who will work their lives away in vain and not touch it."
013 - God Knows"Listen now (36 min) | "Who cares? If you go back far enough we're all one-sixteenth something. I'm probably one-sixteenth Bob Dylan. You think they're…
045 – "Black Diamond Bay"Listen now (60 min) | "You have to know how people feel, and you don’t get that from television news."