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142 – "Ballad in Plain D"

142 – "Ballad in Plain D"

Parasitic something or other.

Daniel and Kelly listening to Dylan one random song at a time. This episode features Bob and Suze (and Carla) (and Mary). We’re talking “Ballad in Plain D.”

initial reactions (4:00) | context and episode setup (8:00) — punctuated by hooligans in their racecars | bob and suze (14:30) | let’s talk about this mistake (21:30) | part i: once loved a girl (26:00) | part ii: family matters (31:15) | part iii: bob dylan, philanderer (39:00) | part iv: tumbling dice (46:30) | part v: bird on a wire (50:00) | part vi: one dimensional (1:02:30) | does this song work today? (1:07:45) | we’re a real podcast & playlist (1:18:00) | recommendations (1:27:30) | endings (1:41:00)

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Initial Thoughts (4:00)

Context (8:00) — punctuated with hooligans in racecars

Bob and Suze (14:30)

Let’s talk about this mistake (21:30)

Part I: Once Loved A Girl (26:00)

Part II: Family Matters (31:15)

Part III: Bob Dylan, Philanderer (39:00)

Part IV: Tumbling Dice (46:30)

Part V: A Bird on a Wire (50:00)

Part VI: One Dimensional (1:02:30)

Does This Song Work Today? (1:07:45)

Real Podcast and Playlist (1:18:00)

Recommendations (1:27:30)

Endings (1:41:00)






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Sign on the Window
Sign on the Window
Not the Bob Dylan podcast you need, but certainly the one you want. We explore Dylan one random song at a time.