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139 – "Talkin' New York"

139 – "Talkin' New York"

Daniel and Kelly listening to Dylan one random song at a time. This episode features our return, like Bob, to the music industry — “Talkin’ New York” from 1962’s Bob Dylan.

bob dylan news and updates (5:00) | been to nyc? (11:30) | initial thoughts (14:20) | context (18:30) | music (23:30) | song itself: prologue (26:00), part 1: new york town (28:30), part 2: folk scene (37:30), part 3: movin’ on (43:30) | does this work today? (51:30) | playlist (54:00) | recommendations (1:05:30) | ending (1:23:30)

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Next episode: a debaucherous time where you're not allowed to leave...

Bob Dylan news (5:00)

Been to NYC? (11:30)

Initial Thoughts (14:20)

Context (18:30)

Versions & Music (23:30)

Song Itself

Prologue (26:00)

Part 1: New York (28:30)

Part 2: Folk Scene (37:30)

Part 3: Movin’ On (43:30)

Does this work today? (51:30)

Real Podcast and Playlist (54:00)

Recommendations (1:05:30)

D: Whitney Houston and Didn’t We Almost Have It All; Thursday Full Collapse live; Atticus Dragging the Lake (2002)

K: Russian Doll, Flight Attendant, Dungeons & Dragons (2000), Simply Irresistible (”one good sexual thought takes at least 20 minutes”), Spice World, Nightmare Alley; RUN DMC’s Raising Hell, Depeche Mode (Black Celebration, Music for the Masses, Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion)

Endings (1:23:30)


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Sign on the Window
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Not the Bob Dylan podcast you need, but certainly the one you want. We explore Dylan one random song at a time.