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141 – "Simple Twist of Fate"

141 – "Simple Twist of Fate"

Daniel and Kelly are listening to Dylan one random song at a time. This episode features stabbing pains and twists of fate.

initial reactions (3:30) | context (6:45) | versions (12:30) | music (25:00) | song itself (33:00) | does this song work today? (1:03:30) | playlist (1:08:30) | recommendations (1:16:40) | endings (1:28:30)

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Next episode: He could look at you and pick out a weakness and suddenly grab it and use it on you. Which is what he did with everybody. He’d find their vulnerable spots and just demolish them… It was just devastating, the way he could twist somebody’s words back on themselves and make them feel he was right and they were wrong.

Initial Thoughts (3:30)

Context (6:45)

Versions (12:30)

Music (25:00)

Song Itself (33:00)

Does this song work today? (1:03:30)

Real Podcast and Playlist (1:08:30)

Recommendations (1:16:40)

D: Warmth; Kendrick Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

K: Death Becomes Her (1992); Better Call Saul (S5); Erika Badu Mama’s Gun and Kendrick Lamar Section 80

Endings (1:28:30)

Auditor, Athlete, Barrel, Opposition, Cluster

Percent, Body, Chip, Application, Experienced


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Sign on the Window
Sign on the Window
Not the Bob Dylan podcast you need, but certainly the one you want. We explore Dylan one random song at a time.