Dec 23, 2021 • 2HR 12M

Christmas in the Heart 2021

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Not the Bob Dylan podcast you need, but certainly the one you want. We explore Dylan one random song at a time.
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Ho ho ho. Welcome to our yearly Christmas special. This goes better with our Christmas playlist, which we use to compare and contrast Dylan’s song selections from Christmas in the Heart. We’ll also break down our top recommendations and our year with Dylan. See you all for new episodes in 2022!

In this full episode, through the din of sleigh bells, we talk:

  • Christmas catchup (2:00)

  • Side 1 of Christmas in the Heart (6:30)

  • Top 20: #20-11 (28:44)

  • Inside Baseball, Season 5 (54:00)

  • Side 2 of Christmas in the Heart (1:14:15)

  • Top 20: #10-1 (1:43:40)

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